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Our Real Estate Services

The Notarization Services of Elaine Aubry

In addition to real estate notary services, Elaine Aubry also has extensive experience in authenticating consent to travel letters, preparation of certified true copies, as well as affidavits and statutory declarations.


An affidavit typically arises during court proceedings and is used in lieu of oral testimony provided under oath. It is important to remember that your written testimony is provided under oath, even though you do not testify in person. If you are asked to write an affidavit as a deponent, it must be authenticated by a notary public, such as Elaine Aubry, in order to be valid in a court of law.

Statutory Declarations

A statutory declaration is similar in essence to an affidavit, but usually takes place outside the court of law. A statutory declaration is typically used to confirm:

- Identity

- Status of Marriage

- Lost or Stolen Documents

- Property Ownership

To learn more about the notary’s role in obtaining travel consent, please visit the website of Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada.

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